Institutional Investors

Schuylkill Capital was founded in 1990 to provide personalized investment services to a select group of institutions and private individual clients. Headquartered in Philadelphia, our investment professionals bring many years of experience and a dedication to providing superior returns in keeping with our clients' investment objectives. Almost two thirds of our assets under management are in institutional accounts. Our primary responsibility for managing institutional accounts began in 1994 when we were selected as a value equity manager for the Philadelphia Gas Works Retirement Fund. Our institutional asset management relationships also include The Philadelphia Housing Authority Retirement Fund and The City of Philadelphia.

Our clients have found that despite the fact that we don't manage billions, we provide meaningful returns in keeping with their investment objectives. Although the value approach seems to have been out of favor with many investors, our institutional performance results match some of the very best value investment management firms in the nation.

Our investment approach consists of identifying high quality companies that exhibit some type of leadership position within their industry. We constantly monitor institutional research sources and perform our own analysis to identify attractively priced companies that exhibit strong fundamentals. Price to cash flow is the primary valuation barometer we use but we will also evaluate price/earnings and price/book values. We then look for a catalyst that will drive the price of the stock upward. A typical portfolio consists of about 35-40 stocks diversified across industries. By following this value discipline, we hope to protect the principal investment from strong downward price movement while delivering strong returns.

In an overheated growth stock environment, such as we have been faced with, today our clients rely on us to make sensible investments to provide reasonable risk-adjusted returns over time. Although the value approach has seemingly lost some of its luster among today's investors, history has documented the folly of paying extreme valuations for earnings of companies when sustainability is questionable. For this reason alone, we see that institutions are willing to consider the prudent course of reducing their allocation to overheated segments of the market in favor of value.

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